The Code of Conduct applies to the conduct required of users of the Concord Oval Recreation Centre (CORC) facilities and services.

The Code of Conduct was approved, as a policy, by the management of the CORC and the City of Canada Bay Council on 25 May 2011.

Users are required to respect and comply with the Conditions of Entry as set out in the Code of Conduct to provide an appropriate environment for sport, recreation, and leisure services.

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1. Preamble

The Concord Oval Recreation Centre (CORC) Users' Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct)

The Code of Conduct applies to the conduct required of users of the CORC facilities and services. The Code of Conduct was approved, as a policy, by the management of the CORC and the City of Canada Bay Council on 25th May 2011. Users are required to respect and comply with the Conditions of Entry as set out in the Code of Conduct to provide an appropriate environment for sport, recreation & leisure services.


1.1 “Primary Investigation Officer" means the Centre Manager or his/her nominee.
1.2 “CORC Environment” means CORC’s internal premises (all structures and fixtures within the CORC Building), external premises (all structures and fixtures outside the CORC Building) and virtual environments (including CORC’s website,
1.3 “User/s” means any person utilising the services and facilities provided by CORC and/or any person within the CORC.
1.4  “Precincts” means the physical structures and areas associated with CORC (including the attached car parks, Concord Oval, gardens and footpaths) and virtual environment (including CORC’s website,
1.5 “Member” means a person holding a valid membership with the CORC.
1.6 “Director, Community, Culture and Leisure” means responsibility for the servicing and maintenance of roads, open space, parks and gardens, nature strips and natural bushland, management of property and buildings, venues and civil assets, major projects, environmental engineering, children’s services, libraries, and recreational facilities including swimming pools, golf courses, Five Dock Leisure Centre and Concord Oval Recreation Centre. It also provides the public with services to private property.
1.7 “CORC Building” means CORC’s internal premises (all structures and fixtures within the CORC Building).

2. Conditions of Entry 

2.1. Any person who enters the CORC Precincts is, for the purpose of these conditions, a User of CORC.
2.2. All Users entering and whilst within the CORC Precincts must:
-  only use the facilities if they are a Member, paying visitor or spectator;
-  obey all signs and/or directions of CORC staff;
- gain entry to the gym by scanning the User’s membership card, scanning a ticket issued by the reception counter under the User’s name or as directed by CORC’s staff;
-  not behave in a disorderly or disruptive manner or in any way that in the opinion of the Primary Investigation Officer will result in any adverse impacts on other patrons.
2.3. CORC reserves the right to refuse entry or remove from the CORC’s Precincts any person not adhering to these conditions. Members behaving in breach of these conditions may have their membership suspended or revoked.
2.4. All Users have a right to access the services and facilities of CORC without undue distraction or disturbance.
2.5. The use of inappropriate language and behaviour is not acceptable and may result in the refusal of services or being directed to leave the premises.
2.6. No User shall deface, mutilate or destroy any property of CORC. In addition to any penalty that may be imposed for such conduct, the person concerned shall be liable to pay for the cost of repair and/or replacement of any damaged property.
2.7. Members or casual users of CORC may only be personally trained by authorised employees or contractors of CORC.

3. Identification
3.1. Membership cards or identification must be carried at all times during attendance at the CORC and shown upon request from member of CORC staff who may require such identification during the course of their duties.
3.2. Appropriate identification must be produced on each visit in order to obtain member benefits. (e.g. concession visits).

4. Dress code
4.1. Users must not exercise with fully bare torsos when inside the CORC Building, at manager's discretion.
4.2. Fully covered sports shoes with non-marking soles must be worn when using indoor court surfaces
4.3. Fully covered sports shoes must be worn when using the gym.

5. Smoking, food and drink and other substances 
5.1. In accordance with the CORC Code of Conduct smoking is not permitted in all areas within the CORC Precincts. This includes all area inside the CORC Building, entry and exits to the CORC Building.
5.2. Food and drink (i.e. water and sports drinks excepted) may not be consumed in the sports hall and gym.
5.3. Glass bottles are not permitted within the CORC Precincts.
5.4. Alcohol or drugs are not to be consumed within the CORC Precincts.
5.5. No dangerous substance which may cause damage to the CORC property may be taken into the CORC Precincts. Dangerous substance includes flammable items, paint, heavy metals and glue.

6. Animals
6.1. Animals, with the exception of guide dogs for the visually and hearing impaired, are not permitted within the CORC Precincts.
6.2. CORC’s authorised persons may take all necessary actions to remove any unauthorised animals from the CORC Precincts. Any CORC’s authorised person may request the owner (or the person responsible) of any unauthorised animal to comply with this condition and/or may direct the owner (or the person responsible) and the unauthorised animal to leave the CORC.

7. Use of mobile phones and cameras
7.1. Mobile phones and cameras are not permitted in the CORC change rooms.
7.2. Users may not photograph or film other patrons within the CORC Precincts without first obtaining permission from the management of CORC and from the patrons involved.
7.3. Commercial photography and filming must be authorised by the management of CORC. Such authorisation may only be obtained by prior arrangement with CORC.
7.4. For the comfort and safety of all patrons, CORC advises against the use of mobile phones whilst using the treadmills.

8. Personal belongings and hire equipment
8.1. Any unattended articles including personal belongings of patrons left at CORC at closing time will be kept for a period of fourteen (14) days. Items not collected after fourteen (14) days will be donated to charity. CORC accepts no responsibility for any personal belongings left within the CORC Precincts.
8.2. CORC provides temporary hire lockers for the safe storage of personal belongings. CORC staff will not accept any personal belongings into their possession for safe storage or in lieu of providing appropriate identification.
8.3. Users must not use bicycles, scooters, rollerblades or skateboards within the CORC Building and/or on the stadium courts. Bike racks are provided at the entrance to the CORC Building for securing bicycles.
8.4. Users are fully responsible for all CORC equipment hired during the hire period until such time as the equipment is returned to CORC and their details are removed from the loans register. Hirers will be charged the cost of replacing any equipment which is not returned or damaged.

9. Minimum age for facility use
9.1. The minimum age to the use the gym (weights, stretching, cardio and group fitness); is sixteen (16) years of age. (NSW Fitness Industry – ‘Kids in Gyms Guidelines’).
9.2. Persons under the age of sixteen may enter the gym if participating in a staff supervised structured activity designed specifically for this age group. i.e. a teen gym program.
9.3. Parents and guardians are responsible for the safety of their children at CORC. When visiting the CORC, parents/guardians must at all times remain:
-  within reach of children under five (5) years of age, and
-  within visual contact of a child aged twelve (12) years of age and under.
9.4. Children under the age of twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian of sixteen (16) years of age or over.
9.5. Young people (13-18 years of age) may use the facilities at CORC without supervision, provided their conduct is appropriate. Children under thirteen (13) years of age should not be left at CORC unaccompanied.
9.6. Persons under the age of sixteen (16) are not permitted to accompany Members into the gym for Occupational Health and Safety reasons unless they are being escorted by a member of CORC staff.

10. Investigating misconduct
10.1. Any staff member of CORC has delegated authority to require Users to abide by the Conditions of Entry and the Code of Conduct.
10.2. Any CORC User, whether or not a CORC Member, must produce identification upon request of a member of CORC staff. Member identity number, barcode number, or email address may be requested for access to online resources and services.
10.3. Failure to comply with the Conditions of Entry and the Code of Conduct will be referred to the Director, City Services & Assets of CORC and may lead to immediate suspension of access to CORC, its services and membership.
10.4. Serious infringement of the Code of Conduct, causing damage to property, disruption of CORC processes and interference with the rights of other Users and/or staff, are considered an act of misconduct. The management of the CORC may require the individual to leave CORC under the Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901 (NSW) and other relevant legislation. If an individual remains within the CORC Precincts after being requested by the management of CORC to leave, CORC reserves the right to contact the police. The Primary Investigating Officer is authorised to take any action and apply penalties, if necessary.

11. Revision of conditions
11.1. The Director, City Services & Assets following review may revise and update these conditions and the Code of Conduct from time to time.

12. Publication of the Code of Conduct and Conditions of Entry
12.1. Copies of the Code of Conduct and Conditions of Entry are displayed on the CORC foyer notice boards.
A copy of the Code of Conduct is available on the CORC website under the About section (